Liesl Horne

Leisl is a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with a passion for living well who really does ‘walk her talk’.   Her focus is on nourishing the mind and body through lifestyle, nutrition and rejuvenation – helping to create and maintain health in a natural way that is simple, sustainable and feels good.

A lifelong yearning for knowledge about life led Leisl to discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda almost by chance.   Finding a book in the local library explaining digestive health using Ayurvedic principles, she felt like she had found the missing piece of the puzzle she’d been looking for.  She employed the principles for herself and made some simple changes to her lifestyle and diet using Ayurveda.

Very soon she began to notice significant changes.   She found that by changing her choices to suit her Dosha, her life had changed completely, giving her more energy to live well.  Based on the amazing results she had in her own life, Leisl was drawn to learn all she could about this ancient wisdom of health and healing to help others