Mediumship Demonstrations

Mediumship Demonstrations

A Mediumship Demonstration showcases the mediums ability to connect to the frequencies of energy, enabling our loved ones to communicate their messages of love and support.

The purpose of such a demonstration is not necessarily to give everyone in the audience a ‘reading’, but more to open people’s minds to the possibility that an afterlife exists and spirit communication is achievable.  This support Quantum Science evidence that our energetic awareness continues after it leaves our physical body.  A demonstration not only can bring comfort to those that are grieving but also to make a link for those in spirit that have loved us in life.

A Mediumship Demonstration can also help people overcome their fear.  As the demonstration gives more and more evidence to others in the audience, the fearful audience member may well acknowledge that their fear is based in lack of experience and knowledge; a fear of the unknown.

People attend a demonstration with a genuine purpose, usually seeking comfort, advice, acknowledgement or guidance.  Some are there for the reinforcement of their belief and hope that there is an afterlife; they want to know that their loved ones live on and that they too will not cease to exist in some form. Many are simply grieving and looking for a little relief from sadness, pain and, in some cases, guilt.  They just want to know everything is okay.

Whether you believe or not, or are simply trying to work it all out, it is important to remain sceptical. That is not to say you dismiss everything just because it is unknown or doesn’t fit with your beliefs – that is closed-mindedness based in fear.   A true sceptic approaches every situation with an open mind and an open heart.  They are willing to learn and understand and do not label information as ‘ridiculous’, simply because it doesn’t fit with their current understanding. No, they explore, they listen and take time before they make a decision.  Sceptics are the true seekers in life.

Periodically, throughout the year, we hold Mediumship Demonstrations featuring guest Mediums.

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