Mediumship Level 3 Master Class

Mediumship Development Level 3 Master Class

Advanced Mediumship training is a Master class, specifically designed for those wishing to become a working professional medium, by delivering individual readings to clients and/or taking part in Mediumship demonstrations and those who wish to be at their best when receiving spirit communications.

The course will help you to enhance your connections and build your confidence by pushing the boundaries of your mediumistic skills. It will help to create a deeper connection and impart inspirational and inspiring messages directly from the source.  Through further developing your particular sensory receptors – hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell and feeling – the depth of ‘knowing’ in the messages you receive and share can give great comfort for the bereaved and support to those who may fear death.

There is a huge responsibility in this type of work, to the clients, to remain within legal, statutory and ethical   boundaries and towards your own health and wellness.  All those areas are covered to ensure a bright and healthy future.

What areas does Mediumship Development Level 3 Master Class cover?
  • Refining and validating evidence received
  • Developing your own style
  • Physical Mediumship
  • Physical phenomena
  • Working in altered states
  • Improving both private and public reading techniques
  • Personal safety
  • Ethical responsibility of a practicing medium
  • Etiquette of professional delivery
  • Observed delivery and assessment of 2 individual readings
  • Observed delivery and assessment of 2 public events
  • Recording (or not) in a session
  • Requirements of practitioner/business owner
What will I receive on completion?
  • Certificate of successful completion
  • Ongoing support through practice groups
  • Mentoring from the facilitator
  • Opportunity to take part in Demonstrations


  • 10 x 3-hour sessions
  • Practical demonstration at public events
  • Home study, practice, feedback and journaling
  • Continued development of own manual of experience
  • Mentoring

Facilitator:  Anthony Kilner

Also available enrolment into Business Module to support growing your business