Mediumship Reading

 Mediumship Reading

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with souls who have crossed over into the spiritual realms.  The communicator is called a medium and whilst all mediums are psychic not all psychics are mediums.  Mediums have the ability to raise their vibration to communicate with Spirit while, at the same time, Spirit will lower theirs a bit so we can connect.

What happens in a reading?

During a reading the medium will be able to receive messages of support and connection from your loved ones who have passed and also receive psychic information pertaining to your current life situation and your future. The medium can pick up the messages in a variety of ways; they will either see with physical eyes, or through the third eye, hear the message either in the ear or in the mind or they may sense the message as a feeling.

How does a Mediumship reading help me?

Although a mediumship is not a cure for grief, it can help ease the pain and bring some relief just knowing your passed loved one is safe, happy and at peace.  It is uplifting to know that total connection has not been lost and that the link of love is not broken.  Sometimes they have learned to see situations in a different perspective and realise that they have brought you challenges in life, for which they wish to acknowledge and even apologise.  It often brings closure and a sense of freedom that all is settled.

The spirit who is wishing to connect to you will provide evidence so that you will recognize it is your loved one communicating, as their personality comes through. You will know by their unique sense of humour, serious or even bossy tone and have confidence in their identity during your session. Additional spirits may well come forward to send a message or just to say, “Hi, I’m here and I’m okay”. 

Duration:            1 hour

Reader:           Ciera Raphael       Anthony Kilner

We also hold a  Psychic Development Course  and Mediumship Training

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