Moon Circle

A New and Full Moon Circle is a safe space, where women can enjoy being in sacred sisterhood & feel supported. It is & always has been a sacred gathering of women, who come together to honour & celebrate the New & Full Moon. Connecting us to work with the moon cycles to bring peace & structure to our lives through understanding & sharing.

The New Moon is a time of stillness to go inwards & set new intentions for the next lunar cycle. New beginnings, awakening to new truths & finding new ways to reexamine our life are all activated during this time. In the days following the new moon the intentions that you set are strengthened by the energy of the waxing moon as it transitions into a full moon.

The Full Moon is a time of nourishment, expansion and celebration. A time to practice gratitude for the abundance in our life.  Our emotions gift us the opportunity to meet & accept our shadow side allowing us to heal & move forward.

A Moon Circle is a safe space that builds community & has the power to facilitate healing on many levels.  This healing then extends beyond to our wider community, to create a ripple effect that potentially can change our world.

By regularly attending a Celebrating the Feminine Circle you can:
  • initiate yourself into the universe
  • bring forth a relationship with your innate knowing
  • feel safe in an authentic space, free of judgement
  • be a part of a profound healing & transformation experience

Duration:         Bi-monthly aligning to the moon cycles, Solstice & Equinox 7pm – 8.30pm

Facilitator:        Jesslyn Miller