Olivia Sinco

Olivia has extensive experience of working with children and supporting parents to introduce and develop techniques that create positive and effective strategies within the home.  Olivia works with children, has raised three children of her own and is now the grandmother of her first grandchild.  Therefore,  she has had a wide range of opportunities to use and perfect her knowledge and expertise.

Her sensitive observation of the children in her care, showed her the patterns that occur within both child and adult,  allowing her to explore a variety of methods that help when dealing with resistance.  She guides parents to implement simple changes in approach to improve emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in the family as a whole.

She also noticed that many of the children were sensitive to their environment and that the effect of nutrition and lifestyle changes made a huge difference.

Olivia is now sharing her in depth knowledge with parents who are struggling with issues in today’s busy world.  Helping you to develop a natural love and mutual understanding between you, your child and the rest of the family.


  Understanding the 21st Century Child Program