Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Cards are sometimes called Angel Cards, as many decks focus on Angel Energy. However, an Oracle deck can be based in whatever the creator of the cards wants their particular deck to reflect.

There are many different types of Oracle decks and they come in all shapes, sizes and with various functions. There are no set numbers of cards in the decks and they will not always run in suits as the Tarot. The imagery reflects their wisdom and is aligned to a particular area such as Angels, Fairies or Elementals, Nature, the Moon, Ancient Wisdom from many cultures; in fact, any area that the imagination can reach.

The cards display images, maybe words or numbers.  The reader will intuit which deck or decks can bring the most beneficial information to the person seeking guidance. Each deck is designed to be a directive tool used to promote action and to encourage the seeker to take responsibility of their own personal growth and healing.

When would it be useful to have an Oracle Reading?

Often we become confused and our mind begins to create thought patterns that do not help us to make decisions or find the way forward from a trauma in our life.  An Oracle Card Reading can address those thoughts and bring clarity to the underlying issues that are affecting our life.

An Oracle card reading will –
  • Cause us to reflect on what the issue means to us in real terms
  • Help us to determine our role and responsibility in our connection to others.
  • Assist us to see the positive in any situation
  • Allow us to integrate the various components of any situation & see the whole picture
  • Show how we can come into alignment with our true self and ensure that our Soul is nourished in the way that is most beneficial to ourselves.
  • Identify our purpose at this point in time and the purpose of the events surrounding us.
  • Bring understanding the natural cycles of life
  • Show us the reason and purpose of situations come into our lives and that they can have beneficial and positive outcomes

Oracle Card Readings are available at weekends and weekdays by appointment

Duration:      30 minutes        60 minutes

Reader:        Sandy King