Passport to Work

It can be daunting to return to training or the workplace after a long break from education or employment.  An added stress can be previous negative experiences that udermine confidence and create mental barriers to moving forward.

Passort to Work is an accredited program that enables re-entry into study of full/part-time work with  confidence and the awareness of personal goals and values.



  • Investigating fears and concerns for entering training/employment
  • Challenging mindset gained from previous t experiences
  • Emotional and physical effects of transitioning from long-term sick/unemployed/retrenchment/stay at home parent
  • Identifying and/or acquiring personal/transferable skills
  • Building confidence to make life changes
  • Individual session on Personal profile to identify values and goals in training/employment
  • Managing stress, physical challenges and emotional wellness holistically
  • Designing a health package that maintains health and wellness on all levels.
  • Strategies for dealing with colleagues and/or authority figures
  • Working for the whole – self, family, business and community
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Individual sessions of mentoring and other suitable holistic treatments
  • Support throughout and beyond the program
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Information on Employment Agencies and other sources for training/employment


  • 10 x 2-hour sessions are suitably spaced out to provide the optimum opportunity to regain and maintain health and wellness.
  • Personal access to a designated specialist on a weekly basis by email and/or phone for on-going support.
  • Sessions include specifically streamed mentoring, holistic treatments and individual related assignments between sessions.
On Completion:
  • IICT/TOTOA Certification
  • Complimentary review sessions extend beyond the return to work for up to six months as required, to ensure the momentum remains in place.


Delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia,
a Premium Training Provider accredited by IICT