Past Life Reading

Past Life Regression is based on the spiritual belief of reincarnation & karma, our souls are eternal & evolve over lifetimes to grow & discover the lessons that you have come back to learn.

Our bodies come & go, they are temporary, however, our soul is eternal. It connects us to our true essence & can shine a light on our relationships, career aspirations, fears, desires & why we chose to come back into this life.

A Past Life Regression session allows you to access your higher self. Our subconscious mind records & stores all of our soul memories, it’s the one part of us that is present in all of our incarnations.

A session is similar to hypnotherapy, you will be gently guided into a deeply relaxed state, once there you will be asked a series of questions about what you are feeling, sensing & experiencing along with understanding who your soul group is & why you choose to reincarnate in this lifetime.

Healing can occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level as you discover & unlock the wisdom that is shown in regards to how you see yourself & your life. Whether you are wanting to focus on a specific area of your life, let go of your fears, tap into your soul’s purpose or just curious there are many blessings & insights awaiting you.

A Past Life Regression can help you to:
  • understand patterns, habits & blocks that you are still holding onto from the past
  • connect with your soul group that you incarnate with in each lifetime
  • discover your gifts, talents, skills & aspirations
  • unlock your soul’s potential & purpose

Sessions are by appointment weekdays and weekends

Duration:      1 hour

Facilitator:     Jesslyn Miller