Pellowah is an amazing form of high-vibrational energy work and a relatively new modality, which empowers you to achieve your highest potential. Pellowah was founded in 2002 by Kachina Ma’an from Queensland for the purpose of enlightenment. However, once she started using it with clients,  she found that, as a by-product, they noticed a benefit to their physical and emotional well being.

Pellowah promotes radical and lasting personal change, creating a sense of stability and is a catalyst for personal growth and healing. By using high vibrational frequency energy, it unlocks new information in our DNA, enabling an expanded level of consciousness and awareness. Our body systems  take on higher energetic frequencies and become attuned to energetic currents, which complement and improve any other healing modalities.

Pellowah assists many emotional and physical issues by working on the mental and spiritual levels of an individual. This results in the calming of a very busy mind, bringing about clarity through stillness and relaxation.    As a result, it is easier to see personal direction and  life purpose while living in harmony with those around us.

What can Pellowah address?                                                   

Each treatment is unique, however Pellowah fundamentally stimulates a shift in consciousness allowing a person to experience:

  • a stronger inner connection
  • expanded personal perception and clarity
  • a greater sense of confidence and personal power
  • empowerment in making positive change
  • increased intuitive guidance
  • feeling more centered and present
  • mental and emotional clamness and inner peace
  • greater and ever increasing sense of wellness
 What will I experience?

Pellowah does not involve touch to the body and wearing loose, comfortable clothing you can fully relax.  A Pellowah treatment is a unique experience where you are welcome to share your observations, however the practitioner will not talk during the treatment.

Pellowah calms the emotions, clears the mind and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence. Pellowah helps with overcoming fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression.
 Through Pellowah you can experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life which can empower you to achieve your highest potential.

After care

Pellowah continues to work over the next 24 hours and needs this time to fully integrate, therefore it is important over these following 24 hours to:

  • drink a lot of water
  • abstain from giving or receiving other modalities
  • abstain from alcohol or recreational drugs (excluding prescribed medications)

 Notes:  It is important to abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs (excluding prescribed medication) 24 hours prior to a treatment, as the Pellowah Energy will not enter the field as the aura becomes disrupted by the presence of these substances.

Duration:      75 minutes

Practitioner:    Michelle Sinclair      Sandy King