Reaching For The Light


Reaching For The Light by Petros Galanoulis



This book written by Petros Galanoulis, offers a path for deep healing, forgiveness and re-empowerment after sexual trauma. The human spirit – determined to live – can and will breakthrough even the darkest and most heinous of acts and times.

It follows the powerful journey of 6 real life former victims called “Warriors”, and a real-life reformed perpetrator, given the ultimate ultimatum and second chance by his victim, one of the 6 warriors.

Healing, rebirth, surprise and spiritual growth.

Plus, through a 13 step, real-life application process, start healing and re-build an extraordinary life after sexual trauma.

This book challenges and debunks some common ideas, beliefs and brings to light some critical issues around sex and appropriate sexual conduct, such as the 3 C’s of appropriate sexual conduct; for all to apply and think about and discuss around the dinner table.

Foreword by Australian T.V. Actress-Sarah Monahan
Petros Galanoulis is an Australian author


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