Psychic Art

Mediumship has many forms and some mediums are able to ‘see’ spirit and draw what they see; this is called Psychic Art. Some psychic artists are also artists chosen by the spirit world who will use their artistic and medium skills to draw automatic spirit portraits. Psychic Art is one of the more unusual mediumistic skills and is both fascinating and informative.

Sophia has the gift of being able to see, hear and describe her communicator giving names messages and other details. She gives this information as she creates beautiful portraits either in black and white or pastel colour.

Why would I have a Psychic Drawing?  

There are times in our life when we feel isolated and alone and this will show that we are connected and supported by a loving soul who knows and understands us. We may also want a Psychic drawing to –

  • feel connected and loved
  • lift depression
  • stimulate an interest in spiritual exploration
  • ease grief
  • alleviate fear of death
  • confirm other information from meditation or dreams

Duration:       30 minutes for balck and white drawings
60 minutes for colour drawings

Reader:          Sophia Rigas