Psychic Development

In this fascinating  program, Anthony leads the way into developing the psychic and intuitive aspects of you natural abilities.  He will introduce you to various methods of connecting to the messages given to us in dreams, through cards, music and natural insight.  He also demonstrates the many ways in our everyday life that we can also receive these messages to guide us through our daily routine and our health and wellness.

Music plays a large part in Anthony’s life so he shares his skills in music making for raising energy and also for meditation.  The program is uplifting, fun and full of interactive excercises to promote a practical and grounded approach to intuition, giving and receiving messages and life guidance. 

The program covers many areas including-
  • understanding intuition and psychic abilities
  • receiving and interpreting messages
  • exploring insights into the spirit world and how the links are formed
  • meditation and visualisation
  • using tools to receive messages
  • introduction to the art of mediumship

 Duration:   10 x 2.5 hour sessions

Facilitator:  Anthony Kilner

Anthony also offers  an accredited course in Mediumship