Second Degree Reiki  

Practitioner Training

Following your attunements in First Degree Reiki  Certificated Training,
the next stage is Reiki 2, allowing you to practice Reiki professionally

This is the Healing and Communication stage
that moves through Space and Time and is not necessarily hands-on.


What will I learn during training?

  • Send distant healing in space and time
  • Talk to your higher Self
  • Explore your past lives
  • Understand and heal your phobias through subconscious exploration
  • Communicate with your Guides, Angels and Elementals
  • Access different times and dimensions
  • Research the Akashic Records
  • Ethics and protocol of practicing Reiki professionally
  • Further Case Studies

What will I receive on completion?

  • Comprehensive manual
  • Certification
  • On-going support and practice
  • The opportunity to enrol for Reiki Mastership
  • The opportunity to enrol for Business Module

Duration:              Course is held over 2 full days or 4 half days

Practitioner:          Sophia Rigas


Delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia,
a Premium Training Provider accredited by IICT