Sharing and Caring

Tarot Cards – or any cards in fact, are a great ‘tool’ to use when needing clarification on various issues.  When we draw cards, we ask for answers to a question, or guidance in a decision, or even for help in a challenge we’re facing.  By the same token, when I do a general reading to share with others on a weekly basis, I also ask a question – usually asking what message I need to convey for the week to come.

The reading on 27th February 2017 for The Purple Dragonfly Facebook page brought up two cards.  I found this interesting, because in my previous readings, I felt the need to draw just one card.  This time, with two cards being drawn, I realised why when I looked at them, and realised that one of them was a repeat of last week’s draw, being the Four of Cups.  So I thought that might be a little boring, so I put it back into the pack and drew again……’lo and behold, the Four of Cups came through again.  Thus, I felt that the other card (the Four of Pentacles) was no doubt there to support the message of last week, and these two cards together would carry the message for this week.

The Four of Pentacles and the Four of Cups are linked to one another in more ways than that they  both carry the number four.  They are both to do with sharing, releasing the feeling of possession, and noticing, with genuine love, what is around us – whether people in need or opportunities for ourselves.  Firstly, the number four is about sharing, unconditional love and gratitude.  The more we give, the more we receive, the more love we radiate, the more love will come back to us, and the more gratitude we show, the greater our gifts.

When we ourselves are not prepared to share what we have with others who may or may not be less fortunate that we are, likewise, we will not receive generosity from others.  It costs us nothing to smile at or to greet a stranger – and that one smile might be a turning point in their day – purely because we have noticed that they are there, and have acknowledged them. They might not respond with a smile or a greeting, but they might have their own reasons for their reaction.  The fact is that we have shared a little of our own sunshine with them.

I feel that the Four of Cups is about gratitude.  The figure on the card is looking forlornly at three cups in front of him, while ignoring the divine gift being offered to him.  He is not grateful for that which he already has and the opportunities afforded to him – and at the same time chooses not to see that there are other, new, perhaps better options available to him.  This can be for various reasons – either he is just not grateful for what he has in his life, be it the people he has around him or his career path, or he might feel he is unworthy of more than he already has.  By opening his eyes to the bountiful opportunities and possibilities all around him and available to him, he could change his life and his outlook on life completely.

Have a look at your own life.  Are you grateful – even for your morning tea or coffee (to which we might feel entitled)?  Consider what goes into making that cup of coffee – the trees being planted and tended, the beans being picked, dried, roasted and ground.  How do we get water in our homes? Where does the electricity come from to boil that water? If we drink white coffee, how do we get the milk?  So many aspects go into allowing us to simply boil a kettle and make a cup of coffee.

Is there something you could do for another person – perhaps make them coffee, give them a hug, carry their shopping, pack their car for them or even just hold the door open for them to walk through.  There are so many small acts of service we can do for others, which convey a feeling of goodwill, of love for one another.   Just imagine a world where we give each other respect and understanding in place of judgement.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness as you continue through this week.



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