Sophie Boicos

Sophie is a valued member of our Team with her extensive knowledge of all our products and wonderfully kind approach to all who enter our doors. Sophie worked for many years as a senior school teacher where she imparted her love and fascination of learning to all her students

Sophie is an intuitive and her gift  is in the Tarot .  She practices with compassion and great insight.  With her gentle way, she gets right to the point in her Tarot readings to give guidance and support.

Sophie is a gifted artisan and she designs and creates all of our Crystal Hangings and unique Jewellery with great love and care.  She is incredibly intuitive and reads Tarot cards with compassion and accuracy.

Through our Children’s Workshops, Sophie demonstrates her love of working with children and sharing her crafting skills.

Modalities and Services:

Tarot Readings

Jewellery Making

Children’s Workshops