Soul Mastery Program

Based in Psychosynthesis, a modality devised by Dr Roberto Assagioli,  Soul Mastery offers an holistic approach to managing all situations in life,  to releasing past issues and bringing   about positive change.  It reaches to the deepest level and gives tools and strategies that are practical and simple to integrate into everyday living.

Soul Mastery is a technique developed over many years that incorporates effective modalities to identify how each individual approaches their life based on their unique experience, their personality traits and influences that impact on their reactions to life experience.  In this way it is possible to arrive at the core of any perceived blocks to moving forward in any situation.

What can the Soul Mastery Program address?

Soul Mastery sessions bring a profound and deep understanding to personal challenges and helps to –

  • build self esteem and self worth
  • build the relationships you want with family and friends
  • make career moves
  • release the past to create a powerful future
  • gain practical, down-to-earth solutions to life’s challenges
  • bring clarity into your life to make your own decisions
  • set yourself free from deep seated pain and hurt
  • find the next step when doubt clouds your clarity

 “What I experienced was life changing for me”  Camilla 

Duration:           4 x 2 hour sessions
The program is designed on a one-to-one basis as very private matters will be raised and discussed.
Therefore, the sessions are private and confidential

Practitioner:      Jane Offer