Soul Mastery

What is Soul Mastery?

We each respond differently to life experiences; this is our uniqueness and we all deserve to be understood and honoured at that level.   Soul Mastery  focuses solely on YOU, using your personal profile, your many thoughts and feelings, your unique experience of life and your potentials, dreams and desires.

Why would I have  a Soul Mastery session?

Soul Mastery provides practical, down-to-earth and simple strategies and solutions to Life’s challenges and has the beneficial effects of -

  • shifting the perception of your experience into a positive and beneficial event
  • building the relationships you want in your life
  • bringing clarity into your life as you take control of your own decisions
  • allowing you to accept exactly who you are with love and understanding
  • helping you to visualise and create a positive future
  • bringing you peace, balance and harmony
When would I need Soul Mastery?

Soul Mastery is beneficial when you are –

  • feeling lost, confused and cannot see a way forward
  • angry with a person or situation or even yourself
  • experiencing sadness, grief or uncertainty
  • making life changing decisions but have no clarity
  • feeling fearful, unsettled and ungrounded
  • facing a challenge, change or situation where the choice appears to be out of your control
  • needing to forgive and let go of a perceived hurt or upset
What will I experience?

The session begins by calculating your Life Path and Personal Year Cycle numbers from your birthdate.   This information indicates where you are presently, what area you are moving into and the purpose of this lifetime.  Next, the letters of your name are evaluated and this shows the essence of who you are and, coupled with your Sun Sign, how your mind/emotions work in any situation.  It also shows the influences that were around you as a child that may now be operating in your adult life.

This information gives an outline of your true self and the information gained from the card reading which follows, will be totally relevant and focussed to your needs.  As the session  progresses, certain key elements will be revealed that are standing in the way of you attaining a brighter future.  To release the power of that hold, you will receive a guided visualisation to end the session

You can experience Soul Mastery as this one session or, for deeper clarity and permanent changes in your life, enrol in  the Soul Mastery Program, four individual sessions at monthly intervals

Duration:                 2 hours

Practitioner:           Jane Offer