Stella Georgiou

Stella is highly experienced in the Health and Fitness Industry, where she worked for 10 years  as an Exercise and Nutrition Coach.  She also has 20 years experience in the Finance/Customer Service Industry giving her an in-depth knowledge and great insight of how all areas in life are interconnected.

She has recently become a published author, with her book ‘Finding our way back to ourselves’, mapping her life experiences and how she overcame trauma.

Registered as a practitioner with the  International Coaching Federation, she brings all her personal and professional knowledge together to provide inspiring sessions that can facilitate change.

Her individual and group sessions provide an atmosphere that encourages authenticity and increased awareness.  They create a safe space to enable you to share without judgement  and Stella applies a variety of techniques to encourage change and the accountability to ensure you meet your goals.

All sessions are confidential and uphold the ethics and professional standards of the ICF  Coaching.

Stella is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and informing others to find their inner strength, thus enabling them to rise above any challenge or circumstance that life presents and to live life with purpose, passion and clarity.