Crystals for Energy Alignment

My first go to reviver is Clear Quartz.  A small tumbled or rough piece placed in a glass, a jug or drinking bottle energises the water – check it out with your pendulum.  Dowse the water before and after and see the difference.  When you drink the water it energises the body cells.

Only use Clear Quartz in drinking water as some crystals are highly toxic in liquid.

The following crystals I would place against my skin; either sticky taped to it or supported by tight underclothing.

Sodalite is a great crystal to stimulate the mental body and bring order and organisation to our thoughts and words.  It is especially helpful in counteracting feelings of confusion or disorientation that can occur due to the shifting energies we are experiencing at the moment.  As our life around us changes we can experience a wide range of emotions including stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and anger. Beautiful blue Sodalite has a peaceful and relaxing quality that can calm challenging emotional states and help to relax an overactive mind by slowing down excessive mental activity.  As an extra benefit it can also alleviate insomnia.

Use Bloodstone to strengthen and support your physical body, energetic structure and attitude to the shifting energies.   Bloodstone gives a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis and speed up the healing of any physical symptoms you are experiencing.  It is especially helpful if you are feeling fatigued, exhausted, and drained.  It is a grounding stone and brings in a sense of stability at best and at worst a sense that everything is OK, even if it doesn’t feel that way!

Three other crystals that would be a mainstay for any energy alignment would be Citrine to stimulate the Immune System to fight of bugs that may wish to join the low energy party, Rose Quartz to balance the heart and mind allowing us the permission to go inward to rest and recover and Amethyst to connect to that part of us that has been neglected which knows we are loveable and deserving of life’s gifts.  Don’t we often forget that?

Crystals have been recorded throughout time as used for healing and they are still used for their qualities in laser treatment, watches, computers and mobile phones.  So you see nothing is new.

If you would like more information on crystals and how they work please feel free to contact us.

Obviously where there is concern over health, it is recommended to check it out with your GP.

Jane Offer xx

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