Following the Inner Voice with Confidence

Intuition – when you know or sense something, yet there is no logical reason for you to feel it.

The word Intuition comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which means to look inside or contemplate.

Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition but the key is to trust it.  To do that you have to trust yourself and this takes time. It’s important to spend time alone, to get to know yourself; the more still and at peace you become, the easier it is to know if your ‘gut feeling’ is leading you in the right direction.   When you start analysing instead of listening, your intuition disappears.

You may sayI’ve lost my trust in my intuition as it has led me astray? Things did not turn out how I wanted them to!’

It’s easy to stop trusting your intuition and start questioning yourself when life does not go the way you want it to. However, this is when you must go deep inside yourself and know the one person that knows you better than anyone else is YOU. Look at the new situation in the framework of a bigger picture; what have you learned about yourself?  What new opportunities have you had and new people you have met?

Nothing is a mistake and nothing happens by chance.

A Little Tale!

This is a personal story of how the body can speak to us quite graphically.  Recently, in the Wednesday Meditation group we were working on the Sacral Chakra to elevate its frequency.  A very strong childhood memory suddenly flooded my mind; an incident that I was remembering for the first time in many years.

I could see it and feel the emotion that surrounded it but, more importantly, my body reacted to it.  As the story began to release from my cellular memory, it mirrored exactly what happened at the time. I began to feel very upset, I felt sick and my gut reacted very strongly. I knew I wasn’t ill or had eaten something suspect because I know my body when it talks to me. It continued to react for some days until finally the words that had made the most impact at the time floated to the surface.  These same words have stayed with me throughout my life, popping up each time I felt under pressure; right through from when I had to do an exam at school to even holding a class now.  I wasn’t consciously aware that the words were related to this incident until last week so now I can finally release that voice and move on.

What about you?                                                                                                                                          

Have you noticed that your intuition – gut feeling – has intensified over the last short while?  Have you had a few aches and pains or an old condition re-occurring? It’s a strange thing how these senses suddenly come over us and we just know.  Of course, it is a natural part of our ability but we often are unaware of it, don’t notice or just put it down to coincidence.

We often say I should have followed my first thought’, when we disregard our instincts and follow our head.  We say, Well, that was strange!’ when we get the phone call or meet someone we were thinking of only the day before or we get that strange goosy feeling when the hairs raise on our arms when something just feels right.

Our bodies have been relaying messages to us from our moment of birth.  Obviously we know when we are hungry, thirsty, tired or scared but it also gives us more subtle messages.  When we get a fancy for food, say strawberries or oranges; this is the subtle workings of our mind telling us our body is low on Vitamin C.   We may dream of, or get the desire to go to, the sea.  This would be another message telling us that we need to relax and slow down or, more importantly, that we are low on salt.  When we start notice and understand this language, we begin to work with our intuition even more strongly.

Within us all is that knowing of what is the most appropriate action to take in any given circumstance; we know just what to say or how to respond.  However, our doubt in ourselves often over-rides this natural knowing and tries to fit with all the information that is stored in our brain.  You know the stuff I mean – it tells us that we must please everyone around us, that we mustn’t stand out or make a show of ourselves, that we mustn’t challenge or rock the boat in any way; all the training we received as children.

When we go against this inner guidance, we are not being true to our own needs and we often end up frustrated, angry and sometimes even suffer ill-health.  Now is the time to really listen to ourselves, to build trust in the information we receive.  We need to rely on that rather than the millions of voices that are in our brain each pushing the information they put there in the first place; every book we’ve ever read, film we’ve seen, words spoken to us, overheard conversations, someone else’s translation of an event and what it meant and how we are supposed to feel about it and more and more.  Those voices that tell us we SHOULD.  They don’t belong to us, they are not us; it is just stuff that may or may not be relevant, useful or even match our truth.  It is not unbiased information but mostly others interpretations of life from their point of view.  Is that us?  Not at all, and it is important not to fit around it to please others.  We have our own opinions, feelings and it is important that we use discernment to identify what is ours and what is someone else’s.

I’m not saying, go against everything we hear, just to be aware that it may not fully align with what is right for our life.  Listen by all means, but then filter it to find the gold within it – that little piece of information and guidance that is helpful and grows our own knowing.  When we begin to follow that inner voice that comes from deep within, life seems to flow more easily, stress levels reduce and there is harmony and balance in every sector of our lives.

You know that you are your own GURU – Gee U R U