The Miracle of Messages

I am always amazed at the way messages are constantly brought to us; daily even moment to moment messages are there that give us guidance, remind us that there is constant support even when we feel we are alone and messages designed to promote a train of thought or confirmation.  We will often think of someone or decide to do something and almost immediately some form of message will re-enforce our thought.   Many will put it down to coincidence but it happens constantly and once you are aware of them you will see them in their many forms.

In my very early days of exploring the full meaning behind what I had felt from a child, I would often be driving home through the country lanes in England at dusk mulling over my thoughts.  I began to notice that each time I asked myself ‘I wonder if this is right’ an owl would fly across my path.  It happened each time the thought came; different places on the journey, different times of the evening and different type of owls so I realised I was not crossing a regular flight path.  I felt very supported in my thought processes that ‘someone’ was helping me on my journey of discovery.

One day I happened to be stuck in a traffic jam in the local town.  It was midday and pouring with rain.  I was going nowhere so my mind wandered into my ‘I wonder..’ thoughts.  I had reached the point of ‘I wonder if this is right’ realising that I would be unlikely to receive my usual confirmation.  I had just thought,  ‘Well, you will have a job to send an owl now!’ when the car in front started to move forward to reveal its number plate  – OWL 749.  Goose bump moment!

It is these events that make you look more consciously for the messages and they truly are everywhere.

Recently, we were at an animal park near Port Douglas.  It was very busy, with all ages learning   about crocodiles and snakes and their lifestyles.  It was at the Snake Show that the message came to me about monitoring our beliefs.  Before we came to Australia we were made aware that this continent is home to some of the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world – a fact.  By many, we were led to believe that they lurked in every dark place intent on hunting us down and killing us – people’s belief based on a fact but fed by a fear.  If you think it through, animals are only interested in two things; food and survival.  They know what they can eat and they are on the constant look out for anything delicious that is in their environment.  When they see a creature bigger or more dangerous than themselves, they employ their instinctual good sense and move away.  They will defend themselves only when they feel threatened.   The Snake Keeper reiterated this and explained that, in fact, there have been very few deaths from snake bites since the 1980’s due to antivenom advances and education.  Strikes mainly occur when they are cornered and there is no escape.    Obvious behaviour really if you think about it: don’t we strike out when we feel we are threatened in some way – usually verbally but sometimes physically – it is a natural response.

The Keeper went on to tell us that surprisingly there were far more deaths caused in Australia yearly by interaction with another animal; not sharks, not spiders, not snakes but horses!  It reminded me that we must monitor our framework of life as our beliefs are often created by misinformation passed from person to person each with their own agenda, and, in many cases, are not based in fact but are a reflection of another’s fears.  We then take that information on board unchallenged and make decisions based on a misnomer.  Little wonder we suffer with low self-esteem, believe we are responsible for making other people’s lives happy or harmonious by suppressing our own need and all the other undermining thoughts that play out in our mind and go on to create our life.

Incidentally, another more obvious message was graphically displayed that shows we often don’t connect the dots and live our lives as a series of events that we don’t see as connected to each other.    There was a large amount of people at the same Park looking and learning about the fascinating animals and their habitats on this amazing and beautiful planet.   We were encouraged to honour the environment of these wonderful creatures and told of how we are impacting it daily.  There was much nodding in agreement and applause and then they left the area.  Behind them was a huge amount of the rubbish on the ground and on the seats they had occupied, despite the large number of rubbish bins provided!   What an interesting and complex race of beings we are!