The Alchemist Trail Level 1

Transforming Frameworks

Are you ready to achieve an amazing life?

There is an emotional framework that shapes our lives. It is not ours, but has been taught to us by those that have influenced us; parents, teachers, friends, even our community. We have taken it in, made it our own and now it holds our perceptions, our judgement and leads us into guilt and fear.  When we identify and understand this framework and how it emotionally impacts our thought patterns and behaviour, we can set ourselves free to live an amazing life.   We can take back our personal power and live the life we create for ourself.

Transforming Frameworks: The Alchemist Trail is a course designed for those that want to make some deep and serious life changes, to transform the framework.  Not only is the course practical and thought provoking, the exercises, discussion and subject matter are designed to work with each individual, to achieve a phenomenal outcome. You will receive a beautiful and effective Australian Aromatic Essence Spray each session, to increase and enhance the inner shift.                  

During the course you will –
  • explore the emotional framework that we have each developed
  • discover the source of the view we hold
  • look in depth at how this impacts our life and our relationships
  • determine how to recalibrate your view of your life experiences
  • view your experiences as the creative force for a powerful and magical life
  • learn meditation techniques  to release anxiety and anger
  • Coping mechanisms for the impact of change within ourselves and the effect on those around us
  • find your unique and personal way to release the past, live every moment fully and create a fantastic future

Included in each monthly session:

  • a FREE Essential Oil crystal roll-on and crystal to support the subject (worth $25)
  • a comprehensive manual with practice sheets.
  • on-going monthly support during program

On completion:

Duration:          9 sessions x 2.5 hours held at monthly intervals

Facilitator:        Jane Offer


Delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia,
a Premium Training Provider accredited by IICT