The Importance of Change

The Importance of Change

 As we experience so many different changes in life, it can be unsettling to say the least.  My mind questions constantly.  “What is the point of all this?”  “Where is life heading?”  “Will I be able to cope with the changes?”  You know the sort of thoughts I mean, the ones that escape when you are not looking, that whirl around in your head until you can’t think sensibly or straight.

I try to find the common practical sense and the spiritual growth that is supposed to accompany this type of transition.    We are told we are experiencing the rebirth of the Earth, the rising up of the feminine energy that is within each human being, irrespective of gender.  She is revitalising and reactivating and, as the Earth is being reborn, so are we.

Apparently, we are witnessing the dissolution of outdated and purposeless 3-dimensional patterns and traditions, with the changes we are seeing around us simultaneously happening  within us, on every level.   Everything is rapidly moving towards the much higher 5-dimentional vibration.  However, we humans prefer the status quo and naturally resist change, beneficial or otherwise.

Intense change is hugely challenging to most people. We refuse to let go of the old that has been part of our life for so long: old pain, hurt, anger, resentment, trauma – the list goes on.  This is the story, the illusion we create and, while we hold on, we can never be free nor can we transition into that higher frequency.  We become the prisoner of our pain and cannot see the opportunity that change and moving forward brings.

This push-pull situation, with the push to change counterbalanced by the pull to remain in the old paradigm, takes time and energy.  It creates a distraction from what is really happening and the amazing life we could create for ourselves, if only we could be willing to ‘go with the flow’.  The idea of swimming against the stream is nonsensical and does not serve any purpose at all; pointless and exhausting.  Similarly, resistance causes us to get stuck in the mind, refusing to listen to our heart and gut.    We try to rationalise what is happening and to fit it into our very limited understanding of the bigger picture, the universal laws of cause and effect and the beauty of change.

Change is the only constant.  Nothing around us stays the same; time moves, day and night, the seasons, our babies become difficult teenagers and then delightful adults with children of their own. Nature changes: the seasons, birth, life and death, all natural and accepted by us as the norm, yet when it comes to our own life, we do all we can to stay in sameness.  Think of the money spent on anti-aging for a start, instead of seeing the lines as the road map of our experience!!

This line of thinking limits us, dulls the mind and locks us into tunnel vision.  If we can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist.  However, think how we would cope if we followed what we were taught at school.  Over time, all we were taught, especially in science and history, is slowly but surely being disproved and, in many cases, the origins of the ideas are being proved to be correct.  What has been believed and taught is being challenged and those beliefs are giving away to something more open and full-consciousness.

We are not learning about consciousness; we are remembering it.  We already know what is correct for our mind, body and spirit, it is deep in our cellular and subconscious memory. It has simply been overlaid throughout our life by the beliefs and teachings of others.

This was our original birthright, our freewill,  but over our many lives – or even just this one,  dependent upon personal belief - we have given away our power to others and, through lack of use, what we know has subsided deeply into our subconscious to become an implicit memory.  Metaphorically, it is stored in a vast library of books written by others.  They sit there waiting for an event to open them up and trigger a reaction of any one of the authors. A reaction that will surprise us and ultimately undermine us, affecting every level of our being, because it is not based in our personal story but that of another.

So, what is the purpose of this rebirth?

Again, the ancient teachings tell us about Lemuria, the first civilisation on earth originating from the Pleiades and located in what is now known as Hawaii.  The inhabitants were fulfilled beings with everything they needed, because they knew how to manifest effectively from 7-dimentional awareness.    They foresaw their own end and took their teachings around the planet before their world was consumed by water. With the fall of Lemuria, and later of Atlantis, human consciousness also fell back into 3-dimensional awareness, the dimension where illusion and struggle exist. With a much lower vibratory rate comes slow density, where all existence is seen as solid matter and our only reality is what we can feel, see and touch.

When we look at this, we can see our purpose is to remember and regain what we lost back then.  As we raise our vibration, we resonate with cosmic consciousness rather than a limited human perception.  The purpose of life is simply that – to en-lighten our being and restore the birthright of our Soul knowing.    As our vibration raises, so the output of the light from our cells increases, reinstating the higher levels of our light body energy.  We then resonate through our heart centre and connect deeply to our Soul.   As our Soul holds infinite wisdom, knowing, compassion, love and light, through that knowledge we connect to all dimensions.  This state is called Super consciousness and is true mastery.

At this point, physical forms hold no attachment.  We no longer crave for material belongings seeing only love as necessary.  We stand for what we feel is the authentic truth without fear of ridicule or separation.  We are as one with ourselves and all that is.  The true state of the Soul is being in the here and now, knowing that all existence is in that one eternal moment,  in multiple dimensions and that a physical body is a mere vehicle for a moment in time.

As the Earth is reborn into a higher frequency, we are moving with her.  As our consciousness shifts in the 5th dimension, this is our opportunity to participate in the great lesson of mastery.  Here we will regain all the expressions of  freedom, equality, abundance and creativity that we knew once long ago  and, from this new base frequency, increasingly higher frequencies of consciousness, wisdom, and understanding will continue to manifest within us all.

Now is the time to be practical and take action.  Clear out any outdated possessions, thoughts, feelings, stories, release all that is no longer of Light or for your highest good.  Let go anything that does not match the new vibration you are bringing forth into your own consciousness.

Through raising our own vibration, we are each responsible for our part in ushering forth the higher vibrations and one by one we will light up the world.

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