The Wise Owl

The Wise Old Owl

Owl is the epitome of the observer, with incredible vison and eye for detail and perfect hearing, it silently swoops in the dark and secret places of this world.  This represents within us our abilities of insight and intuition and our deep connection to wisdom, knowledge and good judgement. Owl energy helps us to navigate any darkness in life, bringing clarity, prophetic visions and a strong connection with the mystical world.

Owl will show us things that might otherwise remain hidden and, at times we need courage to see things in a whole new way. So, Owl energy encourages to open our eyes to look deep into the shadows.  It is connected to discernment, opening the doorway to seeing the soul inside the body, taking us beyond the illusion of the human mind, to see the truth within all people. In this way, we can reach our higher self and see people and situation from a spiritual perspective.

When we see this new way of dealing with people or situations that challenge our inner harmony, it pushes us to release old habits of thinking and take the opportunity to create a new approach to the illusions of life.   Owl energy also offers us the fascination in life’s mystery as we chart unknown territories, helping us to understand it at a deeper level and find a productive solution for every problem or situation. In this way we become wiser and stronger in our intuition than before.  Owl is silent, with its senses honed to the perfect degree, so its gift to us is to encourage introspection to see with new eyes the important layers of symbolism and meaning that previously eluded us.

In Greek mythology, Goddess Athena held owls as sacred. She is known for  her wisdom and strategy, so Owl is the perfect companion. The Celts and Egyptians regarded Owl as a gatekeeper to other realms, particularly for the souls of the dead, as they said that Owl accompanies a soul in its transition, to ensure it doesn’t get lost on its journey.

When Owl energy comes into your life, it indicates that a change or transition to a higher perspective will allows you to open the doorway to connect with your Divine Self.  Owl energy cannot be deceived, so you are reminded to be true to yourself and to your own voice and vision.  It does not tolerate delusion  or secrets, so it helps you to see behind the mask that people around you may be wearing as a protection or as a facade.  This insight helps you to see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit.

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