Transformational Meditation

Over 6 sessions you will experience powerful meditations that can assist you in awakening to your true potential.

You will work with crystals, cards and energy and explore the power of meditation for connection, personal growth and transformation

You will explore how a strong connection to our environment, the cycles of life and the cycles of change will deepen your inner knowing and bring great insights to your life

There will be interesting discussions and the space for you to connect with the wisdom and insights that lie within.

What do I need to know?

Sessions have a themed structure but will be orgnically tailored to the needs and desires of the participants.

Please bring  a journal and pen to make notes or record any insights. There will be plenty of cards, crystals and colour to work with but feel free to bring your own or any other item you wish to work with.

Duration:       6 x 2 hour sessions

Facilitator:      Jane Offer